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Photoset taken in Yeovil, Somerset, UK.

I just found something on the battle spot that I thought was impossible to find: A good, challenging uber triple battle against a player who clearly knows what they’re doing. I’m pretty happy with this match.


Photo taken in the University of Exeter, UK.

Finally, a new video!

Photo taken in Slough, UK.

Photo taken on a DLR train in London, UK.

Photo taken in Bath, UK.

Photo taken in Yeovil, Somerset, UK.

Seems legit!

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Photo taken in South Quays, London, UK.

Photo taken in Milan, Italy.

I actually found a picture of me used in a Buzzfeed article today! x3

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Photo taken in Exeter, UK.

platypusdisciple Asked:
Awww :( In lieu of Jenny, I can give you many internet hugs and cuddles

My answer:

Aww, thank you.


Hey, my name is Rina! ^_^

I'm a 21-year-old University Student living in Bath, UK.

I enjoy nerdy things. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. This blog will mainly contain personal posts, and my photography of my Pokemon plushies as they travel the world.

If you want to trade Pokemon, please check this link for things I have to offer

My 3DS friend codes are:
3067-5317-3785 (りな)
3883-5588-5502 (Rina)

I have a secondary blog where I post reblogs of Pokemon pictures, Touhou, cute things and other such things here

Drop me a message if you'd like to talk. I don't bite! ^_^

United Kingdom

For help with personal issues & medical expenses:

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