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Photo taken at Buckingham Palace, London, UK.



Photo taken in Oxford, UK.

Very cute! Is that a handmade plush? She’s very well made!

She was one of the first that I made.

Photo taken in Oxford, UK.





Saying ‘what kind of an idiot doesn’t know about the Yellowstone supervolcano’ is so much more boring than telling someone about the Yellowstone supervolcano for the first time.

School teaches you that ignorance is shameful, rather than being a person’s default AND ENTIRELY FIXABLE state. Sucks the fun outta learning, if you let it.

Will always reblog.

XKCD is my favorite comic of all time, for this reason. Tumblr could learn a huge lesson, especially from this comic.

if someone doesn’t know something, or says something wrong, do not shame them, teach them.

notably there is a threshold here where the ignorance overlaps with ‘being a decent human being’ and it is entirely justifiable to be hurt and angry at people who are being fucking horrible even if they’re doing so out of ignorance.

I say this because I’ve seen a LOT of people use this comic as a reference for why it’s the injured party’s job to educate them and not be angry or hurt by their ignorance.

Excuse me, but if someone doesn’t know something and makes a mistake, what exactly do you expect from them? How are they supposed to know what “being a decent human being” is, if they aren’t aware of the proper conduct, and nobody bothers to explain it to them. 

If I were insulted by something that someone did or said when I’m aware that they didn’t know any better, then it’s absurd of me to attack them for their ignorance, whilst still expecting them to never make that mistake again. 

This last comment seems to just take the attitude of saying that there are things that everyone should just know, regardless of whether or not the topic in question is mainstream knowledge, or even easy to learn about, and that people shouldn’t have to explain why they’re offended to someone who clearly doesn’t know what they did wrong. Ironically, this is the very attitude that the initial comic is trying to address.

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Photo taken in Paris, France.

Chantelle made a friend! :3

Photo taken at the 2013 Pokemon World Championships in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Why is this not taught universally.


  1. That’s a pretty sick thing to do to someone.
  2. That would easily classify as assault.
  3. There’s no mention or implication of intent. If someone you clearly didn’t know was trying to violate your privacy then such a reaction, while still a very harsh over-reaction, is at least more understandable. If someone is on a date with you and unknowingly oversteps a boundary by touching your leg, then this is an extremely cruel punishment for that mistake. The way she says it here doesn’t make that distinction.

Photo taken in London, UK.

Photo taken in Bath, UK.

Photo taken in Gatwick Airport, London, UK.

Photo taken in Embankment underground station, London, UK.

Here is a looooooooooong triples video in which I get paired up against the same person on the battle spot 4 times! This makes a pretty epic series of battles. :3

Photo taken in Bath, UK.

You guys are in for a treat tonight; I just narrated my way through a 21-minute triple battle video, and I’m going to be uploading it in about 40 minutes! :3

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Photo taken in Didcot, UK.

Hey, my name is Rina! ^_^

I'm a 21-year-old University Student living in Bath, UK.

I enjoy nerdy things. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. This blog will mainly contain personal posts, and my photography of my Pokemon plushies as they travel the world.

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