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Oh Moltres, I love you so much, but it would be nice if you could actually land a Heat Wave once in a while. Pretty please…?

Photo taken in Dublin, Ireland.

Photo taken in Oxford, UK.

Photo taken in Bath, UK.

Photo taken in Bath, UK.

Photo taken in Didcot, UK.

how-i-met-your-timelord Asked:
Did you participate in the fairy tournament and are you planning on joining in the ghost one coming soon??

My answer:

I’d have liked to, but I was a little too busy to train a fairy team to join the tournament with, and I actually had my girlfriend visiting that weekend anyway.

It probably would have been nice to play in the tournament while she was visiting, since my battling skills are one of the things she really admires, but we had more interesting things to do that weekend, with it being her first time coming to Bath.

I’m not sure if I’ll take part in the ghost tournament. I feel similar to the Fairy tournament in that I may not have the time to prepare a team, but I’ll give it a shot if I can.

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Photo taken in London, UK.

Photo taken in Exeter, UK.

Photo taken in Oxford, UK.

amaurabeam Asked:
Hey you! What exactly got you into photography/traveling? Must be so much going so many places with such wonderful little buddies ^^

My answer:

That’s a good question, and honestly, I don’t remember. It was probably a mixture of a lot of things that all just led to me taking an interest in this. An interesting point to note is that there doesn’t seem to be a single point in time where taking photos of Pokemon plushes occurred to me as an idea, since these pictures seem to be scattered throughout my photography even before I decided to start putting them on a blog, like this photo that was taken during the 2011 England riots.

I actually have a tendency to get extremely attached to toys or other such items, and once I do, I will take them absolutely everywhere with me. When I received Steve the Salamence back in August 2010 as a gift from my girlfriend at the time, he became my new favourite thing, and was in my hand everywhere I went. I was already very much into taking photos at the time, so naturally since he was with me so much, it wasn’t a surprise that he occasionally ended up in those pictures. Eventually, other Pokemon started to join in on the fun, and when I moved to Bath and began to travel the world, it just became a really cool way to document my travels.

My love of travelling mainly came from me joining the Pokemon VGC community. I had actually been attending the UK national championships since 2009, but in 2012 I actually did pretty well when I competed, and some of the friends that I made there encouraged me to head down to Paris for their nationals, since they really thought I had a shot at winning. It was a risky move for me at the time, since I had literally just got out of being homeless, but I got together about £100 for a coach and a hostel, about €60 for food, and took a weekend trip down to Paris for the VGC. I ended up losing the tournament in the quarter finals, just one match away from winning the paid invite to the World championships in Hawaii, but the experience was invaluable, and I made some of my best friendships on that day, including my best friend Adam, the owner of Pokefarm, who actually liked me so much when we first met, that he personally paid for me to attend the VGC in Milan the week afterwards. Since that point onwards, Pokefarm had been sponsoring me to travel for pretty much anything Pokemon-related. After a while, I was pretty frequently travelling within the UK to places like Birmingham, Manchester and London to visit friends or attend other things, and at this point it just seemed appropriate to just keep adding to my travelling plush portfolio.

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Photo taken by Buckingham palace, London, UK.

furret-shiny Asked:
I just saw Pokéfarm Q video on Youtube, and I'd never expected to see you there! It was really cool!

My answer:

Oh yea, my best friend is the creator of that website, and we actually train and battle together for the Pokémon VGC all the time. The Pokéfarm website has pretty much been sponsoring me for quite a while, so I’m very eager to be part of their channel. ^_^


Photo taken in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Photo taken in Green Park, London,UK.

Hey, my name is Rina! ^_^

I'm a 21-year-old University Student living in Bath, UK.

I enjoy nerdy things. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon. This blog will mainly contain personal posts, and my photography of my Pokemon plushies as they travel the world.

If you want to trade Pokemon, please check this link for things I have to offer

My 3DS friend codes are:
3067-5317-3785 (りな)
3883-5588-5502 (Rina)

I have a secondary blog where I post reblogs of Pokemon pictures, Touhou, cute things and other such things here

Drop me a message if you'd like to talk. I don't bite! ^_^

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